State University of Management Educational Center “Sports and Event-management” announces about Entrants’ Summer School 2015.

Spring is a unique opportunity to learn a lot of new and interesting things.

Vocational counseling course “Entrants’s School” is aimed to prepare pupils of 9-11 classes for the admissions to higher educational programs and future students’ life in State University of Management. Modular program consists of classroom trainings and field trainings (internships). This is the first step in formation of the manager. Experienced professors and experts, a serious theoretical framework and a large system of practical activities are going to help participants understand efficiently their future profession.

During the Entrants’s Summer School participants will get knowledge required for future success in career and employment to the leading representatives of this industry.

We will tell you:

  • How to create your own vivid and memorable brand personality.
  • How to program growth stages of future manager, leading to success
  • How to learn effectively the basis of organizing different events.
  • How to learn the modern trends in sport and event industry, which future managers must know.
  • And much more, that is going to allow you to make first steps towards your success in management.


Who we are waiting for

If you are a motivated and ambitious person, and you want to achieve professional success – you should think about your career right now. State University of Management Entrants’ Summer School is ready to help you to start your way to the top.

What we propose

We know what you need for your future successful career and employment.

During the training course in our school you’ll get a unique experience in organizing media campaigns, creating your own brand personality. You will take part in time-management trainings, and get public speaking skills.

Classes will be in State University of Management business center. We are ready to offer you convenient location, modern classrooms with multimedia equipment and a unique creative atmosphere at the lessons.

Also the State University of Management is located on a large private territory with a sport complex and a swimming pool. That will allow both to learn and participate in different activities, and to keep fit in the pool.

During the Entrants’ Summer School you will receive the skills and knowledge that will allow you properly communicate with your future employers. You will be able to show your active life position, which further will give you a chance to work in leading companies in sport and event industry.

Summer School Program was specially designed for this training course by professors and experts from this industry. It is formed according to the understanding what knowledge and skills are necessary at the first stage of a formation of a good manager. Program modules are interconnected with each other and are arranged in a logical sequence.

The participation in the classes of Summer School within each module includes:

  • Classroom training
  • Participation in practical cases and in other interactive forms of education


During the Summer School you will have an opportunity to make your first steps in your formation as a manager in sport and event industry in Russia thanks to our field trainings.

What result will you get after the Summer School

By the end of the training course you will pass the exam and get a certificate, which confirm your participation in State University of Management Summer School.

  • Dates: August, 17-26, 2015
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Timetable: from Monday to Friday, 10.00-18.00.


Module 1: Team-building. The art of public speaking.

The idea of team-building has come from the world of sport, but now it is often used in management. Team-building is aimed to create groups of equal experts of various specializations. They are all responsible for the results of their work and are equally engaged in the division of labor in their teams. That’s why we start our program with team-building.


Within the module participants will have a team-building training, get acquainted and organize their own team, which will be able to solve different tasks during the course. Training devoted to the art of public speaking will be also rather important. Person who wants to achieve success in life should be able to express his thoughts literately and confidently, he should make brilliant speeches regardless the audience or the mood, he should be an interesting interlocutor. But even adult person is not always able to overcome difficult situations, answer tricky questions and have his point of view. We believe it’s worth studying at school!


Module 2: Brand personality

Creating a brand personality is a complex process, which is impossible without the use of imageology. Such attributes of image as business etiquette, dress-code, business communication and greetings, e-mails, social networks, etc. can help manager both in his career and personal life. We will show you how to use these mechanisms effectively.

Within the module participants will learn the difference between the brand personality and company’s brand, the main tools to create brand personality and the mistakes that can happen.


Module 3: The foundation of professional

The introduction into profession is very important for entrants. Participants will get an understanding about their future profession and about the methodological techniques of teaching in our University. Also we will talk about the main cultural and professional competencies which should have a modern manager.

Within the module participants will learn the main functions of managers, their professional competence and main qualities. Participants will learn the main components of professionalism as well as peculiarities of profession itself.


Module 4: Modern technologies

Modern technologies has become an integral part of our lives. But how can we use it effectively? How can we make it work for us? Manager who knows the answers for these questions becomes successful and use these skills not only in projects, but in everyday life.

Within the module participants will learn how to work with cloud services, mind maps and social networks to promote both your brand personality and company’s brand. Participants will learn how to use mail, word, exel and power point to prepare a good presentations.


Module 5: Media School

Media School gives participants a chance to learn all types of traditional mass media and new media. Participants will learn how to write press releases, how to promote events and products using media.

Within the module participants will learn all types of mass media, rules of essay and press releases writing. They will study the basis of advertising and media campaigns and work with informational sources.