Business education program “Management in sport industry” has combined experience of the leading representatives in this sphere. During the course, students will not only train their skills, but also learn a wide range of new practice-oriented disciplines. It means that in future they will be able to lead complex business-projects in sport industry.

Organization of educational process took into account all needs of working professionals. We can offer you convenient schedule with application of modern technologies. Experienced teachers, strong theoretical base and a lot of practice will give the students really high level of knowledge and practical training.

Program begins: October 2015


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Mission of our additional educational programs 

Our mission is to provide working professionals with all the necessary tools to create a strategy for their professional growth in various areas of the sport industry. It will help them not only to create their career (it doesn’t matter in which area of sport industry they will work: state or private), but also to manage effectively the sport industry of Russia, taking into consideration advanced foreign experience.

Business Education modular program (professional development program) is designed for executives and managers working in the sport industry or wishing to try themselves in sport management. Its main purpose is to form of system of knowledge and professional competencies in all aspects of the sport industry, including the creation and maintenance of business projects.

At the end of the training course participants will receive the right to conduct professional activity in sport industry management.

The duration of the course — 9 months

Short term courses are designed for those managers who would like to receive practice-oriented knowledge only in one of the modules of the training program.

The duration of the training — 1-3 months (depends on the selected course).

Our partners and internship

Cooperation with leading representatives of sport industry allows students of the center to be regular participants of the field studies, master classes and internships.

During the internship students work as specialists under the supervision of partner’s employees. Students are deeply integrated into practice. Practical activities are provided by the existence of some signed bilateral agreements with partners of the Center.

Form of Education

Evening classes

At the end of the training course participants of the program “Sport and Event Management” in the State University of Management receive:

  • Certificate of the State University of Management “About the professional development”
  • Certificate of the State University of Management “About the retraining”

The management of sport projects (company, professional club, etc.) in Russia is a complex of interrelated tasks. So manager in sport must constantly improve his skills and knowledge, study international experience and be able to use it in our country, be able to anticipate risks and make correct and effective management decisions.

The aim of the program is to provide its participants with all the necessary tools to create a strategy for professional growth in various areas of sport industry.

The plan of training within each module of the program of professional retraining includes the following:

  • Classroom trainings
  • Field trainings
  • Participation in practical cases
  • Development of the graduation project
  • Presentation of the graduation project
  • Receiving of the recommendations for the Center’s partner for the employment

The program of professional retraining based on deep analysis of the problems in sport industry in our country. The modules are connected with each other and have a logical sequence.

Business education program “Management in sport industry” has combined experience of the leading representatives in this sphere. During the course, students will not only train their skills, but also learn a wide range of new practice-oriented disciplines. It means that in future they will be able to lead complex business-projects in sport industry.

Organization of educational process took into account all needs of working professionals. We can offer you convenient schedule with application of modern technologies.

At the end of the retraining program participants receive the right to conduct professional activity in the sport industry management.

  • Duration – 552 hours (including classroom training, field training and practice)
  • The course starts in October 2015, twice a week, on 
    Wednesdays from 18.40, and on Saturdays from 11.00
  • At the end of the program students receive Diploma of the State University of Management on professional retraining with the right of conducting professional activity in the sport industry management
  • The total cost of the program of 8 modules— RUB 135 000


Modules of the program

Module № 1. Modern IT-technologies in sport industry

The successful management of sport projects includes good knowledge and active use of modern technologies, that increases the efficiency of the modern manager and controls the project on a remote access.

Within the module participants will learn how to work with cloud services, mind maps and social networks to promote sport product and increase customer loyality.

Module № 2. Sport law

The regulatory framework is a base in the implementation of any projects, including sport industry. Knowledge of current trends in the Russian legislation helps to create the foundation in any sport project.

Within the module students will learn the basic principles of legislation in the field of physical culture and sport in Russia. Special attention is paid to the following topics: features of professional athlete’s employment contract, transferring and renting of the athlete, “free agents” activities, the economic rights for football players, the legal basis for the organization and holding of sport competitions, intellectual property protection, resolving disputes in sport, etc.

Students will learn effective regulatory mechanisms of labour, tax, financial and other relations in the sport industry.

Module № 3. Economics in sport and financial management in sport organizations

Knowledge of financial management in sport organizations, the basic principles of economics and funding in the sport industry helps the manager to consider the project as an economic product and to plan effectively financial activities of the organization.

Within the module, students will learn the main basis of the economy, the details of revenue and expenditure parts of the projects, the functions and structures of the budget of different sport organizations. Participation in the creation and implementation of practice-oriented case studies on the economy will help students to form a business mindset of a sport manager.

Module № 4. Sport industry personnel policy

Well-built processes of formation of the number and the quality of personnel according to the needs of the sport project is one of the main tasks for a good manager, which can lead to more effective use of human resources in accordance with the organization’s strategy.

Within this module students will learn the importance of personnel policy for sport organizations, the main principles and methods of formation and implementation of personnel policy. Our experts will tell students what criteria will help every manager to recruit a competent and motivated employee, how to determine his responsibilities, how to create criteria for evaluation of staff and the system of motivation and growth.

Students will learn how to develop a corporate Code of Ethics and other local regulations of the sport organizations. And also students will receive samples of the documents used by leading representatives of the sport industry.

Module № 5. Sport marketing

In conditions of growing competition, every manager tries to find new ways to promote his brands, goods and services, implementation of advertising and PR-campaigns. The availability of high-quality marketing concept is one of the main tools to attract the consumers’ attention to the sport product.

Within the module students will learn about the basic tools that leading sport communications agencies and marketers use in their professional activities. They will learn about the key principles of creating a marketing strategy and marketing campaigns that contribute the main profit to the professional club and other sport organizations: ticket sales, merchandising, sponsorship, TV rights, etc.

Module № 6. Sport facilities management

Sport facility management begins with a marketing analysis of a determination of the place for the construction of a sport facility. Knowledge in the sphere of sport facilities management will increase the commercial effectiveness of sport projects and ensure qualified operation of the facility.

The module touches all the key issues of sport facility management, and unites the most important areas for ensuring effective activity of commercial sport facilities, as well as issues related to the certification of arena, its security and technical support.

Module № 7. Organization and conducting of sport events

The main task of the sport project is a creation of a commercial product, which will accumulate the main income of the organization. Sport events are such products (the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Olympic games). To organize and hold such large events can only managers with the necessary competencies.

Within the module students will learn the types of sport events, the stages of its organization and conducting.

Module № 8. Professional sport club and Youth Academy Management

Professional club starts with a well-built process of management in the Youth Academy, which provides a seamless integration of players to the youth team and increases the chances of getting into the club main team.

Modern manager considers a professional club as a complicated business mechanism, which is aimed to achieve both sport results and financial profitability of the project. The properly structured system on the principle of “Academy – Youth team – Professional team” not only helps to train professional athletes (champions), but also gets loyal fan of the club, and possible future manager of this club.

Within the module students will learn how to manage professional clubs, they will study the experience of leading foreign and Russian academies, they will study the major business processes in professional sport and new experience of football clubs management in the standards of FairPlay.

Event management is a type of professional activity, which means the management of large-scale events. Nowadays event-management is one of the fastest growing industries in Russia, which is characterized by the large capacity of the market. There should appear special standards, market players, professional education, literature, associations with its own rules and code of conduct in a mature industry. But now it is currently missing in event-industry in Russia, but has already started to develop.

So future event managers have many opportunities to take their place in this new industry.

That is why, as a response to the market demands, the Centre established this educational program aimed to train various specialists, professional managers in music and show business, gallery and art business, in the sphere of business and political events, cultural and mass media events, organization of event for the youth to promote the product and also any projects that require the participation of event manager (including international events).

The training course includes lectures and master classes from professionals of the event industry, where students can obtain skills in solving practical tasks of event – business in modern conditions. We also offer students the possibility of internships and practice from the leading representatives of the industry.

Due to the large number of events the demand for effective managers in organizing large-scale events is increasing. In order to meet the needs of the market Educational Center “Sports and event management” focuses on developing long-term partnerships with leading operators in the event industry on an integrated basis. We have been realizing our program for several years.


According to our forecasts, the growth of demand for managers in the event industry will only increase, and that will lead to the increasing in the number of positions that can be occupied by professionals – graduates of the Center “Sport and event management” of the State University of Management.



Event laboratory is an innovative space specially designed to prepare professional specialists for the development of sport management in Russia in general, and for the students’ implementation of creative business projects with high commercial potential.

Participating in the activities of the Event laboratory, students will learn how to conduct the events, they will understand the structure of the departments necessary for efficient organization of events and their functions.

The participants under the guidance of their supervisors will develop creative ideas for the match day (football, hockey, and basketball, etc.), corporate events and events to promote products.

In the nearest future we are planning to launch a separate branch of the Event- laboratory – “Co-working space for the Laboratory participants”: anyone can present his own draft event (the business project).

If the project will be successful, after the organizer’s decision, an initiator of the project will be paid possibly.

General conditions for participation in the co-working space Creative Bureau:

  • the innovative project (i.e. planning/developing project is based on innovative product/service/business model);
  • must be presented the schedule of project development;
  • compliance by the project team established rules and requirements


Professors of the Center are being recognized by practical professionals in the sport industry. They use actively their practical experience in the classroom: pass it to the students for the purpose of uniting in educational process theoretical knowledge and practical skills that give students more opportunities for employment after the graduation.

One of the important criteria for the selection of the teaching staff of the Centre is a potential opportunity for our students to get employed in the teachers’ or partners’ organizations.


Andrey Simanovich is a project manager of International Olympic Committee in Russia. He has anInternational Master (MA) in Management, Humanities and Law of Sport (De Montfort University, Great Britain in cooperation with FIFA). He has got an experience of working in International Olympic Committee(Switzerland, project development) and in FIFA World Cup 2010 (South Africa), and also in the largest marketing companies in Russia and Switzerland as a director of sport developing departments.

Maksim Sadovnikov – marketing director, Professional Basketball Club CSKA.

Andrey Zhurankov – journalist, commentator of Eurosport, editor in chief of TC “Russia2”, host of “Big Sport” and “Big Football”

Konstantin Kolodyazhnyi – managing partner of “Fast Film”

Daria Gorlova – counsel of Lokomotiv FC

Violetta Taboridze – business coach of the club of practical philosophy of success

Vladislav Titov – head of the Laboratoty of Social Media

Maxim Tarasenko – director general of LLC “Management Company “Sport Industry”

About the CENTER – The Center “Sports and event management” is a structural subdivision of the State University of Management and is the operator of the following educational programs of higher education as “Management” (bachelor degree):

The Center “Sports and event management” of the State University of Management provides academic undergraduate and graduate programs, and programs of business education. The main directions of the Center are “Management in sport industry” and “Event Management” programs.