Event laboratory is an innovative space specially designed to prepare professional specialists for the development of sport management in Russia in general, and for the students’ implementation of creative business projects with high commercial potential.

Participating in the activities of the Event laboratory, students will learn how to conduct the events, they will understand the structure of the departments necessary for efficient organization of events and their functions.

The participants under the guidance of their supervisors will develop creative ideas for the match day (football, hockey, and basketball, etc.), corporate events and events to promote products.

In the nearest future we are planning to launch a separate branch of the Event- laboratory – “Co-working space for the Laboratory participants”: anyone can present his own draft event (the business project).

If the project will be successful, after the organizer’s decision, an initiator of the project will be paid possibly.

General conditions for participation in the co-working space Creative Bureau:

  • the innovative project (i.e. planning/developing project is based on innovative product/service/business model);
  • must be presented the schedule of project development;
  • compliance by the project team established rules and requirements